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Engineering Science

Get the best of both worlds—the specialized training of an engineering degree with the breadth of knowledge and experience that comes with a liberal arts education.

Now, you can study engineering without sacrificing the benefits of a liberal arts education—broad-based intellectual exploration, strong written and verbal communication skills, the ability to work on a team, and plenty of practice problem solving in a variety of disciplines. 

Four Ways to Study Engineering at Principia 

  • Option I—Complete a four- to five-year program with Principia College and the University of North Dakota
  • Option II—Complete a three-year program at Principia and transfer to either Southern Illinois University Edwardsville (SIUE) or Missouri University of Science and Technology (MST) or University of Minnesota (UMN)
  • Option III—Complete a three-year program at Principia and transfer to any university of the student’s choice: this could include the University of North Dakota
  • Option IV—Complete a stand-alone four-year program in Engineering Science at Principia: this may be completed with coursework taken entirely at Principia.

Study-Abroad Programs

Principia study-abroad programs are open to all students, and you’re encouraged to apply to any abroad program that interests you—even if the abroad isn’t your primary area of study. Your passport to international learning starts here—Principia College Study Abroad.

Course Catalog

Find complete course listings and program requirements in our Course Catalog.